Brancoveanu XO vinars

Brancoveanu “Vinars” reflects tradition and history. In the popular tradition, the vinars is drunk at Christian feasts. It’s a well known fact that in the countryside, when the bride was asked in marriage at her parents’ house, one of the gifts offered to her parents was “vinars”.
The Alexandrion “vinars” is produced according to a traditional Romanian recipe from Zghihara, Cramposia and Iordana, all Romanian wines. The wine distillated as the staple offers its name to the drink: „vinars” (in Romanian vin-ars means “burnt wine”).

The ageing is made in Romanian oak barrels from aromatic type “quercus petraea” and “quercus robur” from the Carpathian Romanian area. The Brancoveanu “vinars” preserved in barrels (more than 10 years) leads to obtain a fine, precious and velvety product.

In 2008, Alexandrion Grup obtained for Brancoveanu Vinars, Vinalies d’Or Troffee, representing the highest distinction at the “Eau de vie de vin, brandy, cognac” category, during the „Vinalies Internationales contest in Paris, France”