'Vinars' Brancoveanu XO

A toast for peace and harmony.
The 25 years of peace during the reign of Constantin Brancoveanu provided the quiet that Romanian people needed for the unprecedented spiritual and cultural development.
Brancoveanu `Vinars` , aged in Romanian oak barrels is created in memory of the two decades of peace and offers the taster, over centuries, the exquisite taste and fragrance of times long gone.

`Vinars` means Romanian tradition and history. It is consumed in the family, especially on the religious holidays. An ancient custom is to give vinars to bride’s parents when she is required for marriage.
`Vinars` Brancoveanu XO is produced after a traditional recipe of Zghihara, Cramposia and Jordan Romanian wines. The aging is done in Romanian oak barrels, aromatic type "quercus petraea" and "quercus robur" from the Carpathian region. The Vinars Brancoveanu XO reflects the Romanian tradition and culture through an intense, elegant and refined flavor; worthy to wear the name of an emblematic ruler of Romanian history.
In 2008, Alexandrion Group Romania has achieved for Vinars Brancoveanu the Vinalies d'Or Troffee, the highest award in the category "Eau de vie of wine, brandy, cognac" in the contest "Vinalies Internationales", Paris, France.